About Francis et SON AMI

Our Brand

Francis et son Ami was founded in January 2012 in Zurich by Francis and friends with the vision of connecting people. Francis et son Ami, le cheval francais and his buddy bring more color into the everyday clothing of those who wear jupe and trousers. C’est tellement simple. Our first collection included: socks, belts, short-sleeved T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, scarves and winter hats. Today we focus on designing unique socks. It’s the color that makes the difference!

The mission

Francis and friends work according to a color concept that coordinates all patterns and colors so that they can be easily combined – and mixed up. Les chaussettes colorées de Francis et son Ami. We design colored sock fashion for perfectly dressed women and men in colors and patterns that are always in line with the latest trends. Since 2012, Francis has designed and implemented over 200 different sock designs and it keeps going. Start every day with colored Francis socks.

The quality

Francis es son Ami socks are drawn / designed in Switzerland and produced in Lithuania. We attach great importance to the best quality. The products are made from a skin-friendly, high-quality cotton blend certified from OekoTex® Standard 100. They get their perfect fit from a fine elastane thread (75% cotton, 20% polyamide, 5% elastane).