winter slim
-30% discount


New: children's socks

The colorful socks are now also available for children. The first collection consists of 3 models with animals. The socks are also available for adults at the same time, so that the matching outfit is guaranteed.

Socks on subscription

Start the new year with a sock subscription. We do the shopping for you, or at least part of it. You decide whether you choose the socks yourself (Subscription Select) or whether you want us to surprise you (Subscription Surprise). It's your decision.



The brand

it's the color
that makes the difference


Les chaussettes colorées
de Francis et son Ami


OekoTex® Standard 100
certified cotton


Why do our socks cost CHF 14.90?

Francis es son Ami socks are produced in small batches in a factory in Lithuania. For large companies, the quantity makes the price. Nevertheless, we would like to offer you the best quality at a fair price and position ourselves among the Swiss suppliers of colored socks in the lower price segment. Fairly produced for a fair offer.

What makes our product special?

Definitely the pattern. We try to break new ground that other providers have not yet gone, to pick up and implement new trends. We do our thing, but we also respond to customer feedback and combine it in new collections.

Which size fits me?

We have decided to produce all models in 3 sizes. The sizes are 36-39, 40-43, 44-46. We recommend that you buy smaller if you have a border size. If you have the shoe size 39-40 then choose the smaller variant 36-39, this will fit perfectly.

What do our customers say?

The 5 star reviews on which we receive directly from customers prove us right, we are on the right track. You are also welcome to send us your feedback via Email send or write a review directly on google.